Hugo Barbosa

Launch Tabs Instantly ⚡️

Quickey is a time-saving Chrome New Tab that launches any website with keyboard shortcuts—it's the fastest way to get to where you need in the browser.

Faster Than Bookmarks

Save links to any keyboard letter: Instead of fumbling through bookmark folders or dozens of open tabs, simply launch with a single press from your New Tab.

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Global Hotkeys (NEW)

Better yet, use global hotkeys (e.g, "ALT+F") to launch your shortcuts from anywhere while browsing.

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Easy Editing

Personalize your shortcuts: change key assignments with drag-and-drop, and customize with fun emojis

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Beautiful Backgrounds

Get a dose of inspiration on every New Tab with curated, high-res photos from Unsplash

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Over 500,000+ tabs launched 🚀

In a few months, we've saved busy people over 25,000+ minutes of unnecessary clicking & typing

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars ⭐️

Download the extension from the Chrome Store, 100% Free!

...and start tinkering with upcoming features in our private beta 🤫